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can you sniff klonopin I just snorted 2MG of the Mylan gereric Klonopin, have to agree with one other user, you do get a menthol drip for some reason....Burned like a bitch in my nose ...
1/28/2011 · Can you sniff Klonopin? ChaCha Answer: No. Klonopin is not water soluble which means it will not absorb through your mucus membranes....
7/27/2006 · Best Answer: Yes, of course. These are powerful prescription drugs and should be taken only as prescribed. Klonopin is the trade name for the drug ...
Honestly the ONLY thing you can do with Klonopin, besides eating them, is dissolving them under your tounge. This will provide a quicker onset.
If you don't want to wait you can still register by contributing here. ... at least xanax and klonopin are best done orally IMO. ... If Can You Sniff Klonopin you sniff them, ...
Is there any benefit to sniffing/snorting Klonopin? Does sniffing it give you a buzz? (I find Klonopin isn't really a party drug, in that it relaxes you, but with ...
1/14/2009 · Best Answer: You can crush and snort anything that you want if that is the way you want to do it~but for ME I just let them dissolve under my tongue. They ...
... (Klonopin) for seizures and ... powder and place it on a flat surface to sniff it up the ... and how to approach someone with a drug problem can help you help your loved Can You Sniff Klonopin one ...
Can you sniff clonazepam? ... Can you smoke klonopin. Can you smoke clonazepam. Smoke clonazepam. Can u smoke clonazepam. Clonazepam smoke. About Us About Answerbag Sitemap
Can you take KLONOPIN and XANEX together? While you can take Klonopin and xanex together, there is a ri... If I'm having a panic attack will Klonopin stop it?
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